The Seriphyn Knight From Pesti's POV

Pesti tells Famine his side of his kidnapping to Hell's Labyrinth. We live through his experience and discover another truth of the Evadale Knight Order, Illuminate Group and High King of Sol.

To Like A-Man

Aiming to complete and release this corporate BL romance this year.

Clumsy Mr. President: Work Hard Don't Die

Aim to complete this comedy BL romance into paperback this year.

Original Music Makes

Revised I'm Kita, Duran now available in paperback and ebook. The series continues on

To be Diverse and Inclusive

Doing my best to contribute to a forward thinking generation and future.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

To Like A-Man

Thank you Tapread readers (or should I say reader) for supporting my LGBT+ CEO Romance story there.    Means a lot and helps motivate this story to the finish. has been awesome to feature it on their homepage.  They truly support and boast a quality line up of stories.  They have also been supportive of LGBT+ stories from day one.  I'm proud to be amongst their catalog.

Aiming to bring quality, engaging and compelling stories to the best of my ability.   This story, I will target for daily updates until the end. Especially now that I'll be out of work for a bit.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Veronica8 & To My Sunflower Now Live

It's official! 

Veronica8 is now live and so is To My Sunflower's official opening as a Webnovel story.

Going forward, anything to do with stories I'm writing for on Webnovel will be updated to this twitter account.

I'm actually looking forward to this experience.

Doing Webnovel proud.

At least that's the intention.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Brand Plans

With the signing of Webnovel arose the need to create two separate persona brands.  As I realized my persona as a hobby writer for all my other stories was going to contradict some conditions for being a commissioned contract author to Webnovel.

To ensure both of our interests are met, I made the snap decision to create a separate identity for both.

Why? Two main reasons

  • Less chance to confuse readers with what Webnovel has contracted from me and what I hold full rights.  Trust me. It will ensure less pain for both of us in the near future.
  • Genre targeting. 

What does this mean going forward?

  • Any works that I've released to Tapread and on paid channels like Kobo, I own and hold rights to. These are my hobby treasures under my identity as writer, Veronica Purcell.
  • Any works available on my Webnovel account (Veronica8), are contracted to Webnovel who hold and own full rights to those works.  I assume credit as the initial writer and creator under pen name, Veronica8 (I hope). 

What has changed?

  • All works under the pen name, "Veronica Purcell", have been removed from Webnovel.   
  • Any works that are contracted or have intentions to contract to Webnovel remain to that site under pen name, Veronica8

Fingers crossed this will created a clear line the sand to avoid persona branding confusions.  

Sunday, December 1, 2019

To My Sunflower Is Contracted to

I signed a #Webnovel contract, handing over To My Sunflower to them a few days back. 

I'm expected to finish the book to contract, which I intend to do by the new year at least in draft format. 

This is a big leap for me, and I'm honestly not sure how it will go. Especially when routines to uploading may need to align to a business schedule. Still waiting on confirmation of that. For now, all updates are set to draft.

There's also reader reception.  For now, I've been lucky with a handful of nice comments and wonderful reviews. Most due to swap reviews. 

Once this story is in more of a public eye, it could be a different reception.

It contains LGBTQ and an impression that US had more going on in Japan's mainland during their war with them in 1945.  So, it may spark some opinions on the matter. I guess historical fiction of any kind can do that.

Non-historical fiction writers don't realise the risk taken when creatively writing a perspective of a time that actually happened.  Although, I'm doing my best to keep perspectives fictional and hyperbole. There's a chance it might ruffle a feather.  Not much I can do on that matter, other than writing out the story as respectfully and objectively as I can.

I'll focus to finish.

What does this mean for Tapread?

I'm permitted to leave all the current chapters up on for the time being. Any new chapters will published on Webnovel exclusively going forward.  So, as far as Tapread goes, there are no changes made currently.

Once the book is completed, I'll likely need to remove Tapread's chapters. This will be a few months away. By this time, any potential readers will have been made aware of the version at Webnovel.

What does this mean for all other books?

They will still continue to Tapread, when I get around to them.  Right now, my focus is to finish Sunflower. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

In Progress Works Strategy

Rundown of my strategy.

All in progress works will now be updated exclusively to 

My stories seem to be read there that's why. I feel supported at this site in some weird way. This helps my motivation to complete all my stories.

What does this mean?
All my in-progress books will be removed from Webnovel and Wattpad by the end of the month.  This will make my updates more regular and easier.  I hope to also affirm a solid readership rather than appearing fickle by being all over the place.  

I'm learning the hard way that having in-progress works on many sites is not a good thing.

I know I'm taking a punt on being the newcomer and small drop in the ocean compared to giants Webnovel and Wattpad.  I feel I have a better shot at attracting a readership there and I admire their catalogue they boast. On a business perspective, their support is professional and timely.  Similar to Wattpad. I hope they continue to be this way and evolve into a solid business.

When will this happen?
By the end of the month all works will be pulled.  I continue to update new content to Tapread.  I'm currently posting tweets to advise of this change as well as placing notice on the impacted books.

On Wattpad, the Seriphyn Knight series has already been pulled.  I'll be pulling TMS by the end of the month. 

On Webnovel, the "Deleted Story" image will go up on the 29th with a script on the book summary.

My Future for Wattpad and Webnovel?

I plan to exclusively continue the Original Music Makes series on Wattpad once I've completed my MV22 catalog.  Of course, continue my Ambassador duties that I hope I'm still privileged to perform.

Once my old series are out of the way.  I intend to post an exclusive contemporary boys love series for Webnovel. 

So, these great sites are still in the picture for my story plans.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Zaldizko eBook Covers

These are the official ebook covers for Zaldizko going forward. So happy I have a face for Famine that I've been showing him off as much as possible.

The blue version is for all non Amazon chains.

Ebook available here:

Thursday, August 15, 2019

New Zaldizko Paperback Cover

Updated the cover today to showcase Famine.  Hoping this version ticks boxes and appeals to the greater peeps.

I'll be uploading this to Amazon, which should push out the changes in the next few days.

Friday, August 9, 2019

A Zaldizko Strategy

I might come across as fickle to some, but my changes is according to my dynamic marketing strategies as I face swift business changes between the User Content Sharing and Traditional Book Selling worlds. Both are adapting to digital transformation and incorporating artificial intelligent content strategies to increase target advertising with ethics. 
I want to keep up with that.
So, I've decided to cut the endings for Zaldizko and all books I'll self publish with redirection to a cheap paid ebook download. It's no different to paying per chapter.  
The benefit for my version is that the full book is sold to keep with the price of $1.69 give or take currency conversion excesses.
I've reached to what I feel is a reasonable price for novella length releases.  I'll price my <50K word books between free to $3, as a lot of bitcoin costs for 5-6 chapters equate to this amount on average. 
The Fourth Zaldizko will be priced more.  At this stage my quantitative research as seen that $4  - $8 dollars for an ebook 120K+ words is an average and fair amount consumers are comfortable to pay for a book this size.
Book selling is a marketing journey. Any author who doesn't know this is missing out.
So, that's my marketing plan coupled with my vision of producing quality, inclusive and diverse Historical Fantasy and Historical Fiction stories.

Link to my paid channels:
Support a poor author:

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Tapread Trophy Moments

Oh my God., you're making me cry with joy too much. Another weekly feature with The Fourth Zaldizko and Dragonieth taking front stage.  This is a first that I've had consecutive features on a web fiction site.

Last week was Zaldizko.

I've managed to gain some read interest.  Still not any reader interaction, which is a shame. This site attracts more silent readers than other web novel sites. So, all good in that respect.

Thank you for showing support to my stories. Appreciate it.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Re-engineering Success, Tapread & Wattpad

In my last post, I wrote about my realised failures. So, what does this author need to do to overcome this?

Aside from continuing to write there is also continuing to learn and appreciate varied opportunities and surprise gift moments.

Surprise Gift #1 gave me a pleasant surprise when I felt at my lowest as an author.

When I turned up to their site and saw my cover on their front page as a recommendation, I was gobsmacked. At first, I didn't realise it. 
I'm extremely grateful that they gave my book a chance and moment of glory.  Means a lot.


This online story sharing site is a bit of a silent quality player being new to the global content story market. 

I feel they are approaching their position in the right way, boosting a quality catalogue rather than relying on quantity and allowing us to add our stories to their site. 

Their site is sleek and provides a premium quality vibe.  Although their rating/review system is exactly the same as's, since they don't offer coin incentives for having one posted, the reviews are genuine feedback.

I must admit the translation teams they use are high class, ensuring premium quality to the stories.  Although, there are some grammar imperfections, they're not any more than an anglophone who makes mistakes upon first posting.

If readers enjoy Chinese and now a line up of western original novels, is definitely a place to try out for these.

Surprise Gift #2

Wattpad gave me a pleasant surprise as well by inviting me to be an Ambassador with them, which I readily accepted.

I had to go through some training, but it has been worth it's price in gold.  I've fallen in love with the place all over again and appreciate them more.


If writers ever felt they were telling their story alone and to an iceberg, they would fair well at Wattpad.

It is the only content sharing site I know where there is a solid and positive community presence.  I think Royal Road comes close.  I feel Wattpad has a more inclusiveness and appreciation of people from all walks of like.  They embrace diversity like it's air to breathe.  After having some time away, I came back really appreciating this fact. 

Now, I'm going to give it my best at being one of their Ambassadors.  I aim not to let them down.

Happy Kitty.

So, whilst my last post was a pity cry. I decided to turn this around and appreciate the gifts I have recently received.

All life is a chase of up and down glory moments.  That's what makes living fun.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Dreaming For Success. Realizing Failures.

Sigh. 13 years on and still no success. I guess I'll keep trying on autopilot.  As much as I like to thing my stories are doing well, they aren't.  Lots of passing interest, but no readers.

It's really hampering on my motivation to write. I've been procrastinating because I haven't been receiving an incentive to write more. 

I practically sabotaged my chances to gain readership by killing off To Like A Man.  I didn't realise how much support that story had received.  Also turning down the Webnovel contract. I wonder if I should've accepted since it's almost impossible for me to gain readers on my own.  Then again, I was concerned they would have me change the story from being gay to straight since it would've been easy enough to do.

This is my probably of writing originals that's too niche and left field for readers.  Basically, I'm writing stories no one wants to read.

It's heartbreaking.

Sometimes I wonder why I write. What is compelling me to write the stories I do?  I don't know if I should continue on.

An Author's life is a cold life when there is no support or motivation to propel you forward.  You have to do everything on your own and always face failure in various shapes and forms.

I've faced more failures and rejections than I have received any success to the point that I don't know what success looks like anymore.

It would be nice where I don't have to fight for things or have to drop and try new strategies to get things working.

If this is me destined for a Prince's cultivation journey, I want off.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Seriphyn Knight Chronicles New Covers

I've redesign covers for the Seriphyn Knight Chronicles into a consistent series brand.  A  new bred Historical Fantasy with Famine leading us on a Four Horseman epic journey. This series is free to read at Webnovel, Tapreads and Wattpad

Saturday, June 1, 2019

TLAM Fond Farewell But Not A Goodbye

As it was before the curtain's close.

At end of Final Week

Alas, the curtain is about to close on TLAM. I'm grateful for the support this story has received.  Below are some moments that I've captured from Readers who have been kind to comment.

I've been a lucky cat and express again my gratitude.  For a long term vision, some sacrifices must be made. It's killing me inside to let this story go, but go it must.

I'll continue to write on it in draft and complete.  I'll consider publishing it under a pen name so it doesn't get mixed into my brand.

For now, thank you Webnovel and TapReads Readers for showing your interest and support for this story. 

It has been a blast and as per the immortal words of Adrian Masters, "Now we're even. Let's not talk about filing harassment claims or any other legal infidelity for the matter, shall we."  Um, pushed the wrong button. Oh well. 

TLAM officially closes doors 01.06.2019 Midnight.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

To Like A Man's Final Week

To Like A Man stats at the start of its final week

I am extremely grateful to all the Superstar Readers at Webnovel and TapRead who has read and showed their support for this story. The positive reception I have received was beyond expectation.
Webnovel and TapRead folk have been very kind and awesome.  

As much as this story is supported, I had to make a hard decision towards its continuation.

In recent times, I came up against a wall with my writing that made me take a step back and review my perspective of why I want to write.

In my newbie stages, it was all about fun and getting all the junk in my head to an explicit version.  I was clueless (still are) and naive. As I wrote on, I realized the impact of words and how much a response, phrase, context or intention can cause to another.  

I'm not a perfect human and never will be.  I will say things that may peeve people or write on scenarios and aspects that could come across as insensitive or too sensitive to others without being aware. I come from a hard (slightly cynical) life and have had to be resilient to a lot around me. This has led to an insensitivity in my make up. I'm aware of this shortfall and do my best to be mindful.

So, with this in mind, I made a decision to focus my stories to a singular vision and to a specific two categories that I enjoy the most. This brought me to my vision for 2022. 
☆ My 2022 Vision: to promote diverse and inclusive fantasy and historical fiction stories, which would contribute to pushing a future forward.☆
Whilst this story is diverse and inclusive, it's contemporary.  

It was a heartbreaking decision to drop TLAM since I've grown fond of Adrian, Bradley, Adam and Jace, as well as all the other characters in this journey. 

I'll keep it offline and continue to work on it in the background. I see it as a treasure I need to bury, so I can rediscover it and make it shine brighter and better than ever before.

For the present time, this would be a fond farewell to TLAM. 

The story will be up until 01.06.19. Afterwards, it'll be removed from all channels. It has already been removed from TapReads.

I'll do one final post on this story to show its end stats at curtain closure.

Thank you Readers again for giving this story a go. It has been fun. I hope for your support towards my other works.



The Fourth Zaldizko - Read Now!

☆゚.*・。゚ Zaldizko Rides On ☆゚.*・。゚

The Fourth Zaldizko

The hunt is on to find the last of the Gat Shiem Brothers. Famine learns that Pesti is not in Hell's Labyrinth, but in an urisen house somewhere hidden in Doll's Lane, which is the red light scene of Apocalypse's Second District.

Strange and terrible things are happening to the people of this district with blame pointed at the Evadale Knight Order due to the mishaps of Hell's Labyrinth. People are frightened about a baleful rider in grey stalking the streets at the dead of night on a ghost horse with his bow and arrow ready to claim an unwitting soul.

Famine is not deterred, focused on saving his baby brother. In order to do so, he must experience the darkest depths of the human ego. This time, he must face it on his own with the Baleful Rider passing judgement on his soul.

This is volume #2 of the Seriphyn Knight Chronicles.

~---------☆  | ☆ -----------~

Rating: Mature  Contains BL/LGBT themes.
Updated Simultaneously to Webnovel, Tapreads and Wattpad

~--------- ☆ | ☆ -----------~

Saturday, May 25, 2019

My Vision 2022 - Let's Push the Future Forward

"Let's push the future forward, one notch at a time."

This is my story 2022 vision, where I aim to produce a catalogue of fantasy and historical fiction stories to promote this vision.

In my stories, I'll continue to promote diversity and inclusiveness the best I can. 

I'm not a perfect human, so I'm going to slip up and likely piss someone off.  I do my best to be thoughtful and consider impacts.  There's only so much consideration one brain can manage.  If I do slip up, I will fess up to my sins and apologize.

On to the vision.

The stories to line up this catalogue are as follows:

  • Zaldizko
  • The Fourth Zaldizko
  • Reborn Legacy
  • Dragonieth
  • To My Sunflower

These will be my active stories, which I am to complete and self publish by 2022.

Why Zaldizko, The Fourth Zaldizko and Reborn Legacy?
These three belong to the Seriphyn Knight Chronicles series. In this series, I promote the inclusiveness of sign language as another form of communication. Also, being with a limitation (e.g mute or deaf) does not make a person incapable.

In Zaldizko, Colin Treinaton communicates with sign language as he has no voice.  He is recognized as a highly capable character and skilled magician/magis.  If it wasn't for his help, the protagonist (Famine) would be spider fodder.

Why Dragonieth?
This my dragon-ish fantasy story containing an ensemble of main characters. It includes LGBTQ themes since one of the main characters is gay and there are a handful of support characters in same-sex relationships or in love with people of the same sex.

Why To My Sunflower?
An ensemble perspective from two key characters who are both connected in a same-sex relationship. This story also highlights less abled returned soldiers and aims to draw out the innovation and resilience of the people during the end of WW2 and Pacific War.

It's a risk. Since I'm promoting more of a unity between nations rather than the separation that was the war.  I know I'm going to get slammed and criticized heavily for it. I understand and respect this.

My Catalog Vision 2022
I will pour all my dedication to completing on these stories.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Seriphyn Knight Chronicles is Now

I will finish what I started by 2020.  I created this series back in 2006, lingering in and out of cache servers for many years. No more will it remain a shadow or figment of imagination. I'm making this series a real deal. Here is how.

~ ★ Zaldizko★  ~

The first book of the series, which I released on the 15th of February this year.

Paid Channels
It has been gaining slow, but steady momentum in paid channels.  Kobo and iTunes continue to be my high revenue channels, whilst Amazon barely kicks off.  Google Play was a surprise new player, which saw to some nice purchases.  I'll continue to only use Amazon for hardback sales and skip their kindle avenue in the coming book campaigns.

Free Read Channels
Webnovel, has surprised me the most with the high support from readers over there.  The Quest-a-Views campaign I have running continues to boost viewing interest.  The almost contract signing was a nice form of reassurance that this story has high potential in the Asian markets.

Wattpad performance is a striking contrast to Webnovel, and not for readership potential. Its experimental read, discovery and ranking system impacted on this story's performance. If it wasn't for recent user group competition campaigns, this story would not be discoverable at all at this site.  I will continue to monitor this site's potential.

It did receive 3rd/4th placing in a community user group awards for the Action/Adventure category this year, saving the story from being dead fish in Wattpad waters.

~ ★ Reborn Legacy★  ~

The story that started it all.  It's only available to read at Webnovel, whilst it's in an in progress state.  I aim to release this story by the end of the year via Kobo, iTunes and Google Play, continuing to use Amazon only for hardback sales.

Its performing slow with little pickup, which makes me think that strong female protagonists aren't as popular as effeminate gay male leads with sass and show of respect towards others.

~ ★ The Fourth Zaldizko★  ~

Cover courtesy of Chryiss.  I wanted something different and more suited to the readership market of Webnovel.  Aside from the title being a tad dark,  I love it.  It really matches the mood of the book with Famine coming out of the darkness.  Brilliant.

This one is also only available to read at Webnovel whilst it's being written at the same time as Reborn.  

The reception for this book is picking up pace with some supportive comments and interest from readers over there. 

Webnovel has been a fantastic story sharing site in general.

Reborn and Fourth are due for paperback releases at the end of this year.  Fourth I had earmarked for earlier towards August/September.

After These?

After these three are four more stories: one between 4th Zaldizko and Reborn, then two following Reborn.  This will complete the Seriphyn Knight Chronicles series and a decade long "must do" saga.

I will have finally finished what I had started.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Quests for Views - Zaldizko

The Quest for Views is going on for Zaldizko @wattpad and @webnovel

★ --- Webnovel Version --- ★

♥ - Help me reach 200K views. I throw in Prologue, and Epilogue Special from Leinard's perspective.

♥ - Help me reach 400K view. I post smexy short BL moment between Famine x Leinard.  Kyaa!!

♥ - Help me reach 600K views. I post oneshot of the characters in story you choose for me to write about and what prompt you want me to write on.  Note: Let's keep it clean for general masses.  I'm not keen to end up in court, alright?

♥ - Help me reach 800K views.  I'll provide some more world facts.

♥ - Help me reach 1M views. - I'll get you to pitch me a prompt for the Gat Shiem brothers. Their time before Zaldizko.   What would you like those cheeky four brothers to do. I'll write it.   Note: Again, let's keep it clean. I pretty much like my squeaky clean record. Thank you.

★ --- Wattpad Version --- ★

♥ - Help me reach 6K reads. I throw in Epilogue Special from Leinard's perspective. 

♥ - Help me reach 8K reads. I post smexy short BL moment between Famine x Leinard. Kyaa!!

♥ - Help me reach 10K reads. I post oneshot of the characters in story you choose for me to write about and what prompt you want me to write on. Note: Let's keep it clean for general masses. I'm not keen to end up in court, alright?

♥ - Help me reach 15K  reads. I'll provide some more world facts.

♥ - Help me reach 25K  reads. I'll get you to pitch me a prompt for the Gat Shiem brothers. Their time before Zaldizko. What would you like those cheeky four brothers to do. I'll write it. Note: Again, let's keep it clean. I pretty much like my squeaky clean record. Thank you.

Monday, April 29, 2019

LGBTQ Justification

I'm still frustrated at a recent perception one person made in passing on my story tagged BL.  Their comment bothered me for the fact that it left me baffled.  Although, I could tell their intentions were meaningful and not spiteful; they were passing the comment with an objective perspective.

It also peeved me off with a feeling of injustice. Since their snap objective view was an askew logic (way off the mark) with no obvious reasoning as to how they came to their conclusion.

I could only presume it was made with a stereotypical impression in mind, and they didn't even bother to confirm their perspective as a fact.

Yes, one person can do that. As I see it, this one person could most likely represent a common perspective, which they happened call out.

Below is the story in question.  Apparently this story is seen as an incest between brothers based on blurb and cover.

Blurb: Brothers Corin and Darick Lochlea return from a ritualistic hunt to find their village razed to the ground by demonic magic. They are entrusted with a valuable gem called the Lifestone and a perilous quest to return it to the Temple of Nefarious on a desolate snowy mountain called Mount Lonely. There the Dragonieth will activate, compelled to save the kingdom from annihilation. Quests are not straightforward. No one tells the truth, especially by the power of the Dragonieth.

This baffles me to think someone saw the cover and blurb as incest between brothers.  If I'm wrong with this description and it is, someone please specifically point it out.  I can't see it.  I'm fairly certain if I removed the [BL] tag from the title. The perception would be a lot different.

I've been writing LGBT+ protagonists for years and have been mindful of keeping my characters from a good perspective and shade of light.  If readers pick up scenes they may find too sensitive, I make sure to remove them or tone them down.  Unfortunately, I have a very strong threshold and resilience to life (having received a lot of hard knocks). So, what is not sensitive to me can be so to others. I'm aware of this and grateful when it's called out.

I don't like promoting unhealthy relationships whether gay or straight. Nor do I want my readers to feel uncomfortable with my characters' relationships. Zaldizko was an example when I was made to realise that there were a few sensitive scenes. So, I made sure to tone these down or cut them out.

I can't help if readers feel uncomfortable about gay relationships or people in general. So, I make sure to let people know my books contain a gay protagonist and/or love interests by tagging them [BL] or [LGBT+]. That way, there's upfront transparency.

I've had my fair share of persecution and drilling on why gay protagonists and relationships throughout the years.  I've also been called out for trickery and not being upfront that my protagonist is gay, despite the fact that their motivations and the story progression was in the same vein and tone as a typical romance or fantasy.  Some times the protagonist just happened to be gay, but there was no romance in a story.  I still got chided for not declaring this like I had violated Customs.

This year, and last, was the first time I felt confident I could share out my stories without having to go through so much explanation to justify my character's "gay"; relying on tagging to be enough to satisfy the transparency.

So, having one person make a snap judgement about my [BL] fantasy containing brothers being a story of incest made me feel very disappointed.

One, I will never ever write a story with an incestual relationship. That creeps me out. Two, as stated earlier, I like to keep my relationships in a healthy light.

It only makes me think that there is still some ways to go to ensure snap judgements on gay protagonists aren't seedy; LGBTQ media is no longer a separate category, but just another element in a story.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Try Zaldizko. Check the Verbatim.

Readers have been fantastically supportive of Zaldizko.

Below is some verbatim received to date from Webnovel:

Recent verbatim from Goodreads:

Give the story a go and be pleasantly surprised.  
I guarantee something different for a NA/YA Fantasy Boys Love.

Available for paid and free reading below:

★ Wattpad:
★ Webnovel:
★ TapReads*:
★ Kobo:
★ Apple Books/iTunes:
★ Amazon:
★ Google Play Books:
★ Royal Road*:

*Story partially posted.

Friday, March 29, 2019

2019 The Year for Writing

This year is shaping up to be a busy writing period for me. Below is the list of books I'm working to release this year and in 2020.

To My Sunflower
Story draft completion: May 2019
Printer version: July 2019
Product release: 6th August 2019
Posting to online sites below:
  • Webnovel
  • Wattpad
The Fourth Zaldizko
Story draft completion: Oct 2019
Printer version: Nov 2019
Product release: 11th Nov 2019
Posting to online sites below:
  • Webnovel
  • Wattpad (tentative)
Reborn Legacy
Story draft completion: Dec2019
Printer version: Feb 2020
Product release: Mar 2020
Posting to online sites below:
  • Webnovel
Story draft completion: Feb 2020
Printer version: May 2020
Product release: July 2020
Posting to online sites below:
  • TapReads
To Like A Man
Story draft completion: January 2020
Printer version: March 2020
Product release: April 2020
Posting to online sites below:
  • Webnovel
  • TapReads
Zaldizko (completed)
Now available to the below channels.
  • (partially posted)
  • (partially posted)

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Ranked 5th in's LGBT Writing Prompt

Ecstatic. My story, To Like A Man, ranked fifth in's LGBT writing prompt based on popularity. 

Excited for this result since it's the first time I've received something of award recognition for my writing in the decade I've been slaving away on the craft.

To have ranked for LGBT is a sweet victory.

Happy Cat.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Zaldizko Reviews ☆ Happy Cat

Here are some of the verbatim Zaldizko has received. Dare original and see what the talk is all about.

Some glowing reviews from awesome readers and writers at  I'm hoping that the rating will eventually show on the sites rating list. It only needs two more to flick the sites switch.

It also received a surprise 5 Star rating at Royal Road that is boosting Google's book impression.
I swear it wasn't by me. 

At Wattpad, some verbatim left as comments to posts. Below is what some have said about the Prologue.

I'm a very happy cat with all the story love I'm receiving for this one.  Zaldizko holds a special place in my heart since it has taken me so long to write and finish the story.

The story can be read for free or cheap via the following links:

Read original.  Dare original today!

Thursday, February 28, 2019

And Then It Was Back to Reality

I've decided to discontinue updating to Webnovel and continue using Wattpad as my sole platform for upcoming works. I've left whatever I've posted there (although I had to delete posts from one of the books because I messed it up) with a disclaimer.

I'm currently testing Royal Road again with Zaldizko, although I also feel my stories wouldn't do well there too since I've noticed a lot of stories posted there are LitRPG, fantasy and romance. Very similar to Webnovel.  I'm not sure how receptive they would be to boys' love action fantasy.

So, I'll stick with Wattpad since it really does have the diverse range of readers that sort of fit my story style. It also holds the largest amount LGBT story sharing content online too.

Yet I'm not that popular there either.  I'm really your left field niche author who gets small luck from time to time.

It would be go if one day I write something ground breaking.  Right now, my words are too weird for most tastes.

I'll keep trying.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

I Finally Hit the Popular List

All the way to the bottom of the page. 🤣

I'm happy with the rate that Zaldizko is going at Web Novel.  It has been featured twice and gained 66.2K views/reads since it was first posted just after Christmas last year.

 Zaldizko Web Novel

I've also received some glowing reviews and 5✰ ratings from some awesome readers.

It's a thrill to see that the story is being received well by a handful of readers.  I hope this interest converts to book sales, although I harbour doubts considering most people read for free these days.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Zaldizko Book Trailer

Been a long time since I created a book trailer. I think this one will do the trick for now. I know can go fancier, but for limited time and technology I'm happy with this creation.

Also, Zaldizko got featured at today.  Feeling the warm and fuzzies from the support.

It was a nice change to see.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

♥ ゚*。 Happy Zaldizko Day ゚*。♥

Zaldizko goes live on sale tomorrow with all prices set and ready.  
I have had some last minute corrections applied that will be updated within 72 hours. I'm not expecting a rush of sales, so all good.
There is so much history that backs this story, dating all the way to 2006.  I began the Seriphyn Knight journey as a way to cope with the stresses and boredom of life.  It eventuated into a series. The highlight for this story is the encouraging comment I had received from the late Louise Cooper in her forums. Her words continue to motivate my writing. 
I do have to apologise for taking 13 years to complete an actual volume of the series.  I could have revised and finished off Neven's portion as I had originally intended with the reborn reboot. Given the time lapse, I felt it was better to go way back to the beginning where the story was a risk, challenge and niche.  
A gay protagonist is a risk to write even in this day and age.  There have been one or two times where I've been called out to tone down the gay/romantic scenes.  I thank Webnovel for sensitive-beta readers who has helped me form a version that most people can sit through.
The other risk is being LGBTQ, the readership remains female.  I haven't drawn in a lot of male interest despite being an action-adventure story.  As such, I'm still trying to adjust the marketing mix to suit. I'll get there eventually. 
I'm happy with the product I've put on shelves, knowing I've given my all and the best of my current capabilities. 
The next challenge is writing on book two. Sequels are always harder since you're expected to given more depth and challenging situations to the characters.  
Better get to it.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

New Look I'm Kita Duran

I've finished doing a complete revision of I'm Kita Duran due to Createspace's merger with Amazon KDP. 

It was an opportunity to fix up the dodgy grammar and add in some supporting scenes that I thought up after the fact.  One addition was more of Saski's observation on Duran, when he was deciding whether our protagonist was a bad guy or not (falling in love in the process).  I may have became more automated toward the last chapter.  I think I've fixed up a lot of the grammar issues that people had noted in

With any reboot is a revised cover.  Here is the paperback cover going live in the next few days.   I've also added my Webnovel & Wattpad handles, since my work is likely to turn up to those sites first.  Just have to remember not to change my handle later on.

Hope it picks up interest this time around.  It's motivated me to kick off book number two and revise the plot.  I've decided to add a return character to the book a lot sooner.

Feeling pumped!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

1K Blessings For Honest Readers

Thanks to a brave and honest reader, I was able to correct my content rating mistake for Zaldizko. I also made some revisions to some of the graphic scenes in the book, hopefully reducing their impact and impressions.

Luckily, I was able to resubmit the revised manuscript before release date 15/02/2019. It wouldn't be nice to realise after the fact that I had done such a boo-boo. That is why beta readers are very important before proper publications.

On Webnovel and Wattpad, I've now attached a content rating label to the cover, letting readers know upfront the maturity of the story.  There is also a preface disclaimer so the reader doesn't feel like they have been ambushed when they reach the saucy scenes.

As online writers we sometimes forget that readers actually read our stuff.  Regardless, it's up to us to set the correct expectations.  I was fortunately reminded in time before actual book release.  It's not my intention to ambush readers with shock horrors at all.  I do slip up since I'm human and have been an undiscovered writer for too long that I've been out of touch.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

2019 Blast Off From Being AWOL

☆* It's 2019 For Story Action! *☆

Where have I been for 2018?  Well, I've been:
  • here -> 
  • here-> and now 
  • here ->
This year, I'm back to Blogger, providing progress updates to my proper book release for the Seriphyn Knight Chronicles. After 13 Years!  Seriphyn Knight is finally going paperback.

It's all thanks to the support I've received from wonderful Wattpad readers and fellow writers.  Now with picking up the interest, I feel 2019 is the right time for this story series.

Zaldizko will be ready for paperback on the 15th February 2019.  Along with a for sale ebook release. It will continue to be read for free at and Wattpad.

Read the story here via Wattpad's embed widget!

I'm back and feeling great about this story this time around.