Sunday, May 26, 2019

To Like A Man's Final Week

To Like A Man stats at the start of its final week

I am extremely grateful to all the Superstar Readers at Webnovel and TapRead who has read and showed their support for this story. The positive reception I have received was beyond expectation.
Webnovel and TapRead folk have been very kind and awesome.  

As much as this story is supported, I had to make a hard decision towards its continuation.

In recent times, I came up against a wall with my writing that made me take a step back and review my perspective of why I want to write.

In my newbie stages, it was all about fun and getting all the junk in my head to an explicit version.  I was clueless (still are) and naive. As I wrote on, I realized the impact of words and how much a response, phrase, context or intention can cause to another.  

I'm not a perfect human and never will be.  I will say things that may peeve people or write on scenarios and aspects that could come across as insensitive or too sensitive to others without being aware. I come from a hard (slightly cynical) life and have had to be resilient to a lot around me. This has led to an insensitivity in my make up. I'm aware of this shortfall and do my best to be mindful.

So, with this in mind, I made a decision to focus my stories to a singular vision and to a specific two categories that I enjoy the most. This brought me to my vision for 2022. 
☆ My 2022 Vision: to promote diverse and inclusive fantasy and historical fiction stories, which would contribute to pushing a future forward.☆
Whilst this story is diverse and inclusive, it's contemporary.  

It was a heartbreaking decision to drop TLAM since I've grown fond of Adrian, Bradley, Adam and Jace, as well as all the other characters in this journey. 

I'll keep it offline and continue to work on it in the background. I see it as a treasure I need to bury, so I can rediscover it and make it shine brighter and better than ever before.

For the present time, this would be a fond farewell to TLAM. 

The story will be up until 01.06.19. Afterwards, it'll be removed from all channels. It has already been removed from TapReads.

I'll do one final post on this story to show its end stats at curtain closure.

Thank you Readers again for giving this story a go. It has been fun. I hope for your support towards my other works.