Seriphyn Knight Chronicles

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The series originated on a word processor back in 2006. It has gone from Neven to Famine's story.

I was fortunate to have the late Louise Cooper read and provide motivational verbatim on my early drafts. 

Her words resound in my ears to date. To be honest, I would've given up Famine's story long time ago, if she hadn't parted her words to me before she left this Earth. 

If this story ever gets made into film.  I will ensure a dedication to her honor. She kept me determine not to quit this story.

Regardless of this series being a film or not. 

I'm proud to have held onto to this series.

I was able to complete and publish Famine's debut last year. Self publish albeit, but still into paperback.

Whilst Zaldizko is far from being a financial success story. I was able to net a nice 3-figure net profit from paperback sales made in 2019.  

This book was also purchased on a library broker sight. Just in case a librarian has the heart to put in on their library shelves. 

It received a pleasant reception and reviews from when it was available there.  

Now. It has found a home at 

As mentioned in my New Decade Plans post.

The future of Seriphyn Knight

I'll continue to forge a future for this series. Intending to keep this historical fantasy saga as current to the times as possible.

With inclusiveness and diversity as the storyline allows.

This saga is a ten book project. My only fear is that I die before the 10 books are online.

So it's chop-chop to chapters. 

I'm thankful to all readers who stick around.