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Sunday, September 5, 2021

Posted by Veronica 6:46:00 PM

I'm happy to declare that BL Drama, To Like A♥Man (TLAM), is officially completed. After two and a half long years of procrastination and slow updates. The story has reached a natural end.  To celebrate, I'm taking a look at its history.

Another story that was conceived during a Webnovel.com WPC.  It was the first time I was receiving reader comments for a story I was writing in progress.   The result was beyond my expectation of being ranked fifth place. Considering the last WPC I had participated in was a DQ failure, I was ecstatic that I was part of the winning list.

It was around this time that TapRead was opening up its site for original stories.  With so many WIP on my list, I had intended to drop this story, so I could complete To My Sunflower with focus.   I was going through an intense time in my life too. So, I was doing my best to juggle my story load without having to completely drop any.

And TLAM was on the drop list, but a passionate response from a reader made me realize there was still a desire to complete the story.  TapRead was promoting their site on Twitter, so I decided to give it a go.

After uploading a few chapters, I was pleasantly shocked to see it featured on their homepage. And also receive a rating and review for it. This show of support rekindled my motivation to continue with the story's journey.  

Over time, reader interest was increasing. But the story managed to achieve my personal best of 1K reader interest within 3 months. It was the first time I had ever earned that much reader interest in a short period of time.

Eventually, I was offered a contract for the story at TapRead. 

There have been many cover changes to reflect the change in the story's tone.  And the final version wraps up the entire story undertone.

The next stage of this story is an intended paperback. For now, I'm taking a break to enjoy the moment and sort out my WIP strategy for my other works.

Monday, June 7, 2021

Posted by Veronica 2:58:00 PM
This CEO Boys Love is hitting the halfway mark and approaching the climactic stages.  It's getting exciting!  Well, I'm excited. I hope  I have readers for this story who are too. 

So, what does this mean going forward? As noted in my Ko-fi post update, the story will be protected behind a paywall filter. It won't break the bank and be of more benefit to TapRead than myself. 

I'm keen to see if people are willing to pay for this story. It'll be an interesting experience.