The Seriphyn Knight New Decade

Aligning to My New Decade Plan, I will finish what I started by 2025. I created this series back in 2006, lingering in and out of cache servers for many years. No more will it remain a shadow or figment of imagination. I'm making this series a real deal. Here is how.

Is the World Ready for Change?

A Zaldizko change that is. Always seeking.

To be Diverse and Inclusive

Doing my best to contribute to a forward thinking generation and future.

Original Music Makes

Still around to the traps.

To be Diverse and Inclusive

Doing my best to contribute to a forward thinking generation and future.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Update to Publishing Strategy

 Continuing from my The Fourth Zaldizko publishing antics. I'm still working through the paperback manuscript.  Whilst that is being prepared, I've unlisted the episode ebooks from Kobo and other sources that isn't Google Play.  They weren't generating sales interest, so decided to pull the plug on them. 

The digital media landscape is constantly changing at a fast pace. So I'm having to try to keep up with the tide of changes and ways on how I can achieve sales interest. 

This is my publishing strategy as of today. 

Paperbacks: 60k+ word stories will be made into paperbacks of the cheapest price.  Amazon will continue to be the printer for these.

Small Ebooks:  20k - 60k will be made into ebooks to Google Play only. 

Large Ebooks: 60K+ word stories also be ebooks via Draft2Digital and Googleplay.

I'll exclusively continue to publish through Amazon, Google Play and Draft2Digital from now on. As long as they keep their services the way they are.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Fourth Zaldizko Paperback


This is the upcoming paperback cover for the second book of the Seriphyn Knight Chronicles saga. After this book, I'm going to be taking a break from writing online and continue Everything Comes to Null offline. 

Writing online is making me not like my works. That's the last thing I want. But I don't want to quit my story. It'll hurt my heart. So I'll write offline and hope that when I publish my story someone will be around to read it.

My quest for readers for this story is not an easy one.  I have been lucky with some support from TapRead and Webnovel for a short while. It felt good to feel this story has some validation for a period. It's just, I don't think this story is going to get more than it has already received.  The truth of the matter. 

I'd rather write the story offline and hold what value I have for it there. Rather than post online in increments and grow to hate it. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Seriphyn Knight Chronicles Milestone: Book 2 Completed

A massive milestone was reached today when I finished book number two of the Seriphyn Knight Chronicles: Zaldizko Arc.  

I'll be doing final edits and preparation of the second book in paperback and full ebook format with a new presentation.

Can't wait to get stuck into the finale as it's going to be epic!

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Original Music Makes Change in Publish Strategy Due to COVID

It hit me. An overseas bookstore I used to trade in had sent me a notice that they were no longer accepting orders outside their country for physical items. Anything that had to be physically shipped out was a no-go.

This made me rethink my paperback strategies for Original Music Makes. 

Initially, I had intended to keep it as a paperback series only. With COVID and the paperback sales for this story being in various countries, this isn't as easily achievable as before.

So I'm going to return the series to TapRead with a new book page packaging. Hopefully, it'll do better this time. Of course, the story is still the same only revised. I'll format the time-skip better, so TapRs are able to follow along without wondering what they missed. 

Why  Because it can be read without an account at this stage and surprisingly securer than similar sites. 

I'll commence planning the book format on, then slowly repost the chapters there.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Book Progress Focus

Book Completion Focus.  In addition to my schedule strategy for completing my in-flight works, I continue to pile the stories into host sites suitable to the target audience for their respective genres.

The books below will be completed to the following platforms before being pushed out to traditional publishing channels.

 Wattpad    TapRead Inkitt   
 To Like A Man

I've removed Original Music Makes from Honeyfeeds, since it didn't test well and limit the story to one host source whilst it's being revised.  HarmonyX hasn't been removed from TapRead yet. I'll continue to monitor the reception of this story there.   To Like a Man will continue to update dually to TapR's and Inkitt when it does progress again.  Seriphyn Knight ongoing story is dedicated to TapRead.  All chapters have been removed from Webnovel's book version.

I might also attempt a Watty with a couple of the completed ones. Will need to confirm they meet the criteria by the time the awards kick in. Otherwise, they'll be self-published.

Always fine-tuning my strategies towards better consistency, efficiency, and end result.