The Seriphyn Knight From Pesti's POV

Pesti tells Famine his side of his kidnapping to Hell's Labyrinth. We live through his experience and discover another truth of the Evadale Knight Order, Illuminate Group and High King of Sol.

To Like A-Man

Aiming to complete and release this corporate BL romance this year.

Clumsy Mr. President: Work Hard Don't Die

Aim to complete this comedy BL romance into paperback this year.

Original Music Makes

Revised I'm Kita, Duran now available in paperback and ebook. The series continues on

To be Diverse and Inclusive

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Sunday, February 28, 2021

At A Loss

 I haven't made any progress with my stories.  Every year is like a reset back to square one. 2021 is especially such a year where I've gone backward with progress. 

Longer working hours take away from being able to write creatively. My completed stories aren't gaining the readership I've been working towards. It's like I've driven my DeLorean time machine back to 2006 and I'm still a pixel around the digit zero.  This has impacted my motivation towards the completion of all my other in-progress works.

I'm not sure what else to do or where else to go if my Ko-fi strategy fails.  Realistically, it will fail. The optimist in me clings to other reasons to make my strategies a success.

I know that I'll keep writing, but the emotions this whole author journey is putting me through is damaging. 

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Another Strategy to Test

 Constantly testing strategies to find the winning formula in gaining readers. 2021 hasn't started off well for me with excessive working hours that have caused me to hit a writing block.  Regardless, I'm going to try a new strategy that will add to more of my search engine presence.

The strategy, unfortunately, isn't great for increased readership. But it's something to help me build up my portfolio as I had planned.

Strategy for a Comeback

  • Setup Shop. Sell from a dedicated eCommerce front. I've chosen Kofi Shop for this purpose. This leads to the second point.
  • Publish directly to eBook.  This is taking me back to the very beginning with my publication strategies.  It's evident that posting to Webnovel and the likes don't work for my stories.  So the only option I have at the moment is to continue to saturate my name in search engines. 

I'll be resuming the episode eBook releases for my series.  Once they are released within digital stores, the content will be removed from story sharing sites. 

Since most of my stories have been free to read on sharing sites, I'll continue to release the episodes at no cost. The paperback versions will obviously be set at a RRP. 


Migration Activities

I'm slowly transferring all my words into an ebook editor. Using Grammarly and LanguageTool plugins to pick-up basic errors as I go.  

The first to be updated in episode books is Zaldizko and The Fourth Zaldizko, which have formatted versions for them already.   They'll have new covers to differentiate them from the paperback versions. I'm researching who can commission anime version covers for me.

I'll continue down the planned schedule this way.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

I Hit The Block

 Overwork.  That's my reason for my recent writer's block. I don't think I'll be able to release any new works this year.  So, I'll be reposting some of my completed or high chapter count stories to Tapas to try to respark my muse and motivation.

So far, 2021 isn't shaping up well for me creatively.  It's easy to feel under the weather a lot these days.

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Rethinking Works In Progress Homes


I've moved my female protagonist stories to Tapas as the editor is a lot better than Wattpad's, and I can schedule bulk chapters easily.

To make the ad-hoc updating easier for me, I've unpublished all from Wattpad. With the exception of Death Oath for the time being,  these stories are exclusive to Tapas until I'm ready to self publish them.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Seriphyn Knight From Pesti's Perspective

This year Seriphyn Knight Chronicles will be documenting Pesti's perspective within Apocalypse City and Hell's Labyrinth. This will be book number three in the series. Pesti's recount is from the time from when he was kidnapped to being reunited with Famine in a hematite prison cell. Originally I had intended to write it as a side standalone, but it's integral to the main outline so it's included in the main mix.

Points of Note

☆ Pesti isn't gay, so unfortunately there won't be BL moments from his angle.

☆ I intend to write an action-heavy story with a slightly more serious undertone.

☆ More monsters, magic system reveals, and world fact stuff.

☆ Did I say there won't be any romance?  Well, it might be a tiny subplot.

☆ This story will likely carry on as long as the first two books combined. 

☆ And likely a story arc that will drive me insane as I do my best to keep story consistency.  I mean, I have to step into a DeLorean and drive back in time with this one.

Aiming to complete most of the story this year, which is dependant on my work commitments and health. I aim for a paperback release late this year or early next.

The in-progress content will be posted on