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Sunday, October 3, 2021

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I published the first completed volume for BL romance title, Clumsy Mr. President: Work Hard Don't Die.  The first volume is titled, Vol.1: Plonked by a Potted Plant.

Unless it exists on illegal aggregator sites, the latest update isn't available anywhere else.

Only on Google Play for various reasons, but also mainly for the flexible costing options.  I can set all my 20K+ word #epibooks at $0.69 cents.  A perfect price for a bitty BL experience, and some. 

The format is PDF fixed, as I was able to format images better this way. With Acrobat's enhanced image resolution capabilities and phone computing improvements, PDF seems to be the way to go these days. 

Hopefully, it nabs a sale. If not, another to add to my Goodsread portfolio.

This title release makes my strategy plan a reality. And I'm excited about it.  Going forward, all my stories will be released this way.