Saturday, May 25, 2019

My Vision 2022 - Let's Push the Future Forward

"Let's push the future forward, one notch at a time."

This is my story 2022 vision, where I aim to produce a catalogue of fantasy and historical fiction stories to promote this vision.

In my stories, I'll continue to promote diversity and inclusiveness the best I can. 

I'm not a perfect human, so I'm going to slip up and likely piss someone off.  I do my best to be thoughtful and consider impacts.  There's only so much consideration one brain can manage.  If I do slip up, I will fess up to my sins and apologize.

On to the vision.

The stories to line up this catalogue are as follows:

  • Zaldizko
  • The Fourth Zaldizko
  • Reborn Legacy
  • Dragonieth
  • To My Sunflower

These will be my active stories, which I am to complete and self publish by 2022.

Why Zaldizko, The Fourth Zaldizko and Reborn Legacy?
These three belong to the Seriphyn Knight Chronicles series. In this series, I promote the inclusiveness of sign language as another form of communication. Also, being with a limitation (e.g mute or deaf) does not make a person incapable.

In Zaldizko, Colin Treinaton communicates with sign language as he has no voice.  He is recognized as a highly capable character and skilled magician/magis.  If it wasn't for his help, the protagonist (Famine) would be spider fodder.

Why Dragonieth?
This my dragon-ish fantasy story containing an ensemble of main characters. It includes LGBTQ themes since one of the main characters is gay and there are a handful of support characters in same-sex relationships or in love with people of the same sex.

Why To My Sunflower?
An ensemble perspective from two key characters who are both connected in a same-sex relationship. This story also highlights less abled returned soldiers and aims to draw out the innovation and resilience of the people during the end of WW2 and Pacific War.

It's a risk. Since I'm promoting more of a unity between nations rather than the separation that was the war.  I know I'm going to get slammed and criticized heavily for it. I understand and respect this.

My Catalog Vision 2022
I will pour all my dedication to completing on these stories.