Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Fourth Zaldizko - Read Now!

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The Fourth Zaldizko

The hunt is on to find the last of the Gat Shiem Brothers. Famine learns that Pesti is not in Hell's Labyrinth, but in an urisen house somewhere hidden in Doll's Lane, which is the red light scene of Apocalypse's Second District.

Strange and terrible things are happening to the people of this district with blame pointed at the Evadale Knight Order due to the mishaps of Hell's Labyrinth. People are frightened about a baleful rider in grey stalking the streets at the dead of night on a ghost horse with his bow and arrow ready to claim an unwitting soul.

Famine is not deterred, focused on saving his baby brother. In order to do so, he must experience the darkest depths of the human ego. This time, he must face it on his own with the Baleful Rider passing judgement on his soul.

This is volume #2 of the Seriphyn Knight Chronicles.

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Rating: Mature  Contains BL/LGBT themes.
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