Saturday, June 1, 2019

TLAM Fond Farewell But Not A Goodbye

As it was before the curtain's close.

At end of Final Week

Alas, the curtain is about to close on TLAM. I'm grateful for the support this story has received.  Below are some moments that I've captured from Readers who have been kind to comment.

I've been a lucky cat and express again my gratitude.  For a long term vision, some sacrifices must be made. It's killing me inside to let this story go, but go it must.

I'll continue to write on it in draft and complete.  I'll consider publishing it under a pen name so it doesn't get mixed into my brand.

For now, thank you Webnovel and TapReads Readers for showing your interest and support for this story. 

It has been a blast and as per the immortal words of Adrian Masters, "Now we're even. Let's not talk about filing harassment claims or any other legal infidelity for the matter, shall we."  Um, pushed the wrong button. Oh well. 

TLAM officially closes doors 01.06.2019 Midnight.