Saturday, February 2, 2019

1K Blessings For Honest Readers

Thanks to a brave and honest reader, I was able to correct my content rating mistake for Zaldizko. I also made some revisions to some of the graphic scenes in the book, hopefully reducing their impact and impressions.

Luckily, I was able to resubmit the revised manuscript before release date 15/02/2019. It wouldn't be nice to realise after the fact that I had done such a boo-boo. That is why beta readers are very important before proper publications.

On Webnovel and Wattpad, I've now attached a content rating label to the cover, letting readers know upfront the maturity of the story.  There is also a preface disclaimer so the reader doesn't feel like they have been ambushed when they reach the saucy scenes.

As online writers we sometimes forget that readers actually read our stuff.  Regardless, it's up to us to set the correct expectations.  I was fortunately reminded in time before actual book release.  It's not my intention to ambush readers with shock horrors at all.  I do slip up since I'm human and have been an undiscovered writer for too long that I've been out of touch.