Sunday, February 10, 2019

New Look I'm Kita Duran

I've finished doing a complete revision of I'm Kita Duran due to Createspace's merger with Amazon KDP. 

It was an opportunity to fix up the dodgy grammar and add in some supporting scenes that I thought up after the fact.  One addition was more of Saski's observation on Duran, when he was deciding whether our protagonist was a bad guy or not (falling in love in the process).  I may have became more automated toward the last chapter.  I think I've fixed up a lot of the grammar issues that people had noted in

With any reboot is a revised cover.  Here is the paperback cover going live in the next few days.   I've also added my Webnovel & Wattpad handles, since my work is likely to turn up to those sites first.  Just have to remember not to change my handle later on.

Hope it picks up interest this time around.  It's motivated me to kick off book number two and revise the plot.  I've decided to add a return character to the book a lot sooner.

Feeling pumped!