Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Brand Plans

With the signing of Webnovel arose the need to create two separate persona brands.  As I realized my persona as a hobby writer for all my other stories was going to contradict some conditions for being a commissioned contract author to Webnovel.

To ensure both of our interests are met, I made the snap decision to create a separate identity for both.

Why? Two main reasons

  • Less chance to confuse readers with what Webnovel has contracted from me and what I hold full rights.  Trust me. It will ensure less pain for both of us in the near future.
  • Genre targeting. 

What does this mean going forward?

  • Any works that I've released to Tapread and on paid channels like Kobo, I own and hold rights to. These are my hobby treasures under my identity as writer, Veronica Purcell.
  • Any works available on my Webnovel account (Veronica8), are contracted to Webnovel who hold and own full rights to those works.  I assume credit as the initial writer and creator under pen name, Veronica8 (I hope). 

What has changed?

  • All works under the pen name, "Veronica Purcell", have been removed from Webnovel.   
  • Any works that are contracted or have intentions to contract to Webnovel remain to that site under pen name, Veronica8

Fingers crossed this will created a clear line the sand to avoid persona branding confusions.