Sunday, December 1, 2019

To My Sunflower Is Contracted to

I signed a #Webnovel contract, handing over To My Sunflower to them a few days back. 

I'm expected to finish the book to contract, which I intend to do by the new year at least in draft format. 

This is a big leap for me, and I'm honestly not sure how it will go. Especially when routines to uploading may need to align to a business schedule. Still waiting on confirmation of that. For now, all updates are set to draft.

There's also reader reception.  For now, I've been lucky with a handful of nice comments and wonderful reviews. Most due to swap reviews. 

Once this story is in more of a public eye, it could be a different reception.

It contains LGBTQ and an impression that US had more going on in Japan's mainland during their war with them in 1945.  So, it may spark some opinions on the matter. I guess historical fiction of any kind can do that.

Non-historical fiction writers don't realise the risk taken when creatively writing a perspective of a time that actually happened.  Although, I'm doing my best to keep perspectives fictional and hyperbole. There's a chance it might ruffle a feather.  Not much I can do on that matter, other than writing out the story as respectfully and objectively as I can.

I'll focus to finish.

What does this mean for Tapread?

I'm permitted to leave all the current chapters up on for the time being. Any new chapters will published on Webnovel exclusively going forward.  So, as far as Tapread goes, there are no changes made currently.

Once the book is completed, I'll likely need to remove Tapread's chapters. This will be a few months away. By this time, any potential readers will have been made aware of the version at Webnovel.

What does this mean for all other books?

They will still continue to Tapread, when I get around to them.  Right now, my focus is to finish Sunflower.