The Seriphyn Knight From Pesti's POV

Pesti tells Famine his side of his kidnapping to Hell's Labyrinth. We live through his experience and discover another truth of the Evadale Knight Order, Illuminate Group and High King of Sol.

To Like A-Man

Aiming to complete and release this corporate BL romance this year.

Clumsy Mr. President: Work Hard Don't Die

Aim to complete this comedy BL romance into paperback this year.

Original Music Makes

Revised I'm Kita, Duran now available in paperback and ebook. The series continues on

To be Diverse and Inclusive

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Seriphyn Knight From Pesti's Perspective

This year Seriphyn Knight Chronicles will be documenting Pesti's perspective within Apocalypse City and Hell's Labyrinth. This will be book number three in the series. Pesti's recount is from the time from when he was kidnapped to being reunited with Famine in a hematite prison cell. Originally I had intended to write it as a side standalone, but it's integral to the main outline so it's included in the main mix.

Points of Note

☆ Pesti isn't gay, so unfortunately there won't be BL moments from his angle.

☆ I intend to write an action-heavy story with a slightly more serious undertone.

☆ More monsters, magic system reveals, and world fact stuff.

☆ Did I say there won't be any romance?  Well, it might be a tiny subplot.

☆ This story will likely carry on as long as the first two books combined. 

☆ And likely a story arc that will drive me insane as I do my best to keep story consistency.  I mean, I have to step into a DeLorean and drive back in time with this one.

Aiming to complete most of the story this year, which is dependant on my work commitments and health. I aim for a paperback release late this year or early next.

The in-progress content will be posted on

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

New Year Resolutions - More BL Story Experiences 2021

I've been giving Death Oath attention this month, as was the declared plan earlier.  

Looking at Webnovel's trends for romances makes me more determined to write as many BL stories as possible. So, I'll continue to complete TLAM and then Clumsy Mr.President. Of course, both only on TapRead whilst they're in progress.

I'll review the completion rate of others; likely resume Original Music Makes: Hotaka Music Club book with a focus on the Saski-Duran-Miwa love triangle.

Both books will be released as ebook and paperbacks when ready. I'll make new covers for them then.

This means I'll move Death Oath back to its original completion schedule.