Sunday, November 29, 2015

New Seriphyn Knight Chronicles Episode Post Live: 2 - 02

Words shrilled painfully against my eardrums.  I screamed at the stabbing feeling at the back of my head. A blackness seeped into my heart and slowly claimed by thoughts as slick oil would against a pool of pure water. My body thrashed about against the knots chocking up my throat and blood rushing to my brain. In the mix was whacks to my backside and bruises along my limbs.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Seriphyn Knight Chronicles Episode Post: 2 - 01

Time slowed to an unbearable pace as I found myself imprisoned in a dank holding cell; sardined between other children around my age or younger. They were scrawny, miscreants with dirty faces and demoralized expressions behind battle-worn eyes.

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New Original Music Makes Post Live: 9-07

Duran and his friends arrive to another Monday school day and find themselves in Watanabe-sensei's class for the day.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Redirection to Original Music Makes Episode Posts

From this point on, I'll be posting updates for the Original Music Makes to it's dedicated blogsite and web address

This blog will focus on promotions and news about the stories.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Original Music Makes

Story Introduction

A coming of age story centred around Duran; a private high school student who has already experienced a dramatic life by the age of fifteen. He hopes for some peace by the time he reaches sixteen.

He restarts life in a new town and school. Right of the bat he stirs up the atmosphere in his high school by starting up a music club.  

Hotaka High School believes in preparing a future generation of doctors, lawyers, corporate executives and financial specialists.  It is the only school that does not have a music and art department.

Through persistence and a loop hole, Duran is able to set up a music club.  Through music, people are connected together and deep rooted feelings are revealed to shake up the hearts of the students and teachers at the school.   Duran, himself, is not immune and faces his troubled past head on.

Disclaimer and Advanced Apologises

I love manga and, especially, Shounen Ai stories.  Having read so many, I wanted to try my hand at writing one myself.  However, not being Japanese, this hasn't been an easy task for me. 

I've researched a lot about the culture in various media, and through reading many different manga genres. Even consulted with colleagues and students who are Japanese or advanced in their knowledge of the culture.  Some manga and stories are gracious enough to explain cultural aspects in great detail.  

Thanks to manga, I've come to love the ingenuity of the Japanese people and culture.  They believe in a good story no matter what boundaries are crossed.  So I hope my story falls in the same respect and seen as true to the culture as I am possible to achieve.

I bow low and sincerely apologise for any Japanese faux pas in advance.  Please forgive me if there are and do not hesitate to call these out to me.  I'll correct them quick smart.

Thank you for reading this story.  I hope it bodes well.