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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Tapread Trophy Moments

Oh my God., you're making me cry with joy too much. Another weekly feature with The Fourth Zaldizko and Dragonieth taking front stage.  This is a first that I've had consecutive features on a web fiction site.

Last week was Zaldizko.

I've managed to gain some read interest.  Still not any reader interaction, which is a shame. This site attracts more silent readers than other web novel sites. So, all good in that respect.

Thank you for showing support to my stories. Appreciate it.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Re-engineering Success, Tapread & Wattpad

In my last post, I wrote about my realised failures. So, what does this author need to do to overcome this?

Aside from continuing to write there is also continuing to learn and appreciate varied opportunities and surprise gift moments.

Surprise Gift #1 gave me a pleasant surprise when I felt at my lowest as an author.

When I turned up to their site and saw my cover on their front page as a recommendation, I was gobsmacked. At first, I didn't realise it. 
I'm extremely grateful that they gave my book a chance and moment of glory.  Means a lot.


This online story sharing site is a bit of a silent quality player being new to the global content story market. 

I feel they are approaching their position in the right way, boosting a quality catalogue rather than relying on quantity and allowing us to add our stories to their site. 

Their site is sleek and provides a premium quality vibe.  Although their rating/review system is exactly the same as's, since they don't offer coin incentives for having one posted, the reviews are genuine feedback.

I must admit the translation teams they use are high class, ensuring premium quality to the stories.  Although, there are some grammar imperfections, they're not any more than an anglophone who makes mistakes upon first posting.

If readers enjoy Chinese and now a line up of western original novels, is definitely a place to try out for these.

Surprise Gift #2

Wattpad gave me a pleasant surprise as well by inviting me to be an Ambassador with them, which I readily accepted.

I had to go through some training, but it has been worth it's price in gold.  I've fallen in love with the place all over again and appreciate them more.


If writers ever felt they were telling their story alone and to an iceberg, they would fair well at Wattpad.

It is the only content sharing site I know where there is a solid and positive community presence.  I think Royal Road comes close.  I feel Wattpad has a more inclusiveness and appreciation of people from all walks of like.  They embrace diversity like it's air to breathe.  After having some time away, I came back really appreciating this fact. 

Now, I'm going to give it my best at being one of their Ambassadors.  I aim not to let them down.

Happy Kitty.

So, whilst my last post was a pity cry. I decided to turn this around and appreciate the gifts I have recently received.

All life is a chase of up and down glory moments.  That's what makes living fun.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Dreaming For Success. Realizing Failures.

Sigh. 13 years on and still no success. I guess I'll keep trying on autopilot.  As much as I like to thing my stories are doing well, they aren't.  Lots of passing interest, but no readers.

It's really hampering on my motivation to write. I've been procrastinating because I haven't been receiving an incentive to write more. 

I practically sabotaged my chances to gain readership by killing off To Like A Man.  I didn't realise how much support that story had received.  Also turning down the Webnovel contract. I wonder if I should've accepted since it's almost impossible for me to gain readers on my own.  Then again, I was concerned they would have me change the story from being gay to straight since it would've been easy enough to do.

This is my probably of writing originals that's too niche and left field for readers.  Basically, I'm writing stories no one wants to read.

It's heartbreaking.

Sometimes I wonder why I write. What is compelling me to write the stories I do?  I don't know if I should continue on.

An Author's life is a cold life when there is no support or motivation to propel you forward.  You have to do everything on your own and always face failure in various shapes and forms.

I've faced more failures and rejections than I have received any success to the point that I don't know what success looks like anymore.

It would be nice where I don't have to fight for things or have to drop and try new strategies to get things working.

If this is me destined for a Prince's cultivation journey, I want off.