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To be Diverse and Inclusive

Doing my best to contribute to a forward thinking generation and future.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cathie T

Introduction (drum roll please) CathieT: photographer, T-shirt designer and aspiring writer. If her portfolio was a car boot, there be goodies galore in there to snap up and buy. Take a look at these:

When I asked CathieT what do you hope to achieve with your art? I loved her response. “An audience whose eyes don’t glaze over when I present another piece of art, to perhaps make someone smile, think or just say wow!” It’s honest and isn’t that what we all want as artists? And she may have said “I’ve found a lack of talent to be a major drawback…” but I don’t buy it and see it as a modest comment in jest. She has the “eye” and the skills to match.

Bath Night by CathieT

Cathie is a member of the Adelaide Camera Club and is involved with a lot of online photography groups (although shamefully confesses she has neglected since Red Bubble came into her life). Her love of photography was spawned when she picked up her dad’s camera back in 2003. “I picked it up and was hooked. I think it kind of suits my “instant result” mentality.” She is also a devoted mother, wife and proud owner of a Canon 10D. “Bought from Steve Axford. Unfortunately, it seems to have forgotten everything he ever taught it!!” said Cathie. Well I’m sure it will have it’s flash backs. She has also done a couple of paid jobs, but doing it for the passion is what it’s all about for her.

So, if you haven’t seen CathieT’s portfolio, where have you been? Seriously, I highly recommend a visit.