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Pesti tells Famine his side of his kidnapping to Hell's Labyrinth. We live through his experience and discover another truth of the Evadale Knight Order, Illuminate Group and High King of Sol.

To Like A-Man

Aiming to complete and release this corporate BL romance this year.

Clumsy Mr. President: Work Hard Don't Die

Aim to complete this comedy BL romance into paperback this year.

Original Music Makes

Revised I'm Kita, Duran now available in paperback and ebook. The series continues on

To be Diverse and Inclusive

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Reprocessing Amy

Image of eyes from Seabreeze at Morguefiles The rest my own stuff.

Destiny Forged

Another one for the new publisher. Image of guy and girl a paid stock image via Stockxpert Image #702654. The backdrop of horses via Mettem at Morguefiles.

Chess Affair

I'm back into the book cover gig again after popular demand :0). Here is one for a new independent publisher that is opening business on the 15th September.

Image of woman and man from Dee of Morguefiles. The image of chess pieces from Drew/Grasspigg of SXC.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Great Imagination Captured In 3D - Rose Moxon

Red Bubble has attracted a variety of artists. One exciting group of artists are those who create magical three dimensional (3D) fantasies.

One such artist is Rose Moxon. She calls herself a digital artist. Her works on Red Bubble and her website shows us she is an artist all rounder. Her imagination takes you on a fairieland fantasy, offers you a piece of heart and whisks you away on a fairie dance.

Her works has been recognised globally, in advertisements in China, Europe, UK and Australia. It has been used for the inside cover of The World Leasing Handbook three years running; an impressive achievement.

Now, she will be showcasing her fantasy heroes at the Conflux conference coming to Canberra, Australia. Her creations will be on display between the September 28th – October 1st; viewable to international best selling authors such as Garth Nix. It will be an opportunity not to miss. If you are interested in seeing Rose’s work at Conflux, please contact her for details. If you are unable to make it, more of her works can be found here at Red Bubble or at Daz3D.

Art has always been Rose’s passion. “I love painting and craftwork… have taken every opportunity to unleash my thoughts on paper,” says Rose. It seems there is nothing she can not do artistically. In the last two years, she has taken advantage of the digital platform and used it with leaps and bounds.

I giggled when she said, “I am pretty technologically challenged” after her delayed response towards an email I sent her. 3D art is not an easy skill to master and although you have programs such as Poser that try to make it a user-friendly tool. It is still a trick to learn. Rose, however, has mastered it with flying colours. It proves she is not afraid to test new mediums to ensure her imagination is brought to life.

It’s a pleasure to have her part of the Red Bubble community. Look forward to seeing her next fantasy.

RB News feature by KSeriphyn© 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007


Non commercial cover for Stephanie Wideman. Image of girl courtesy of Jean Veirdrie and SXC. Man image via SXC too. Rest are my own.