Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Writing Weekend

It's Easter and I have the privilege of being absolved from my parenting and working responsibilities for a few days.  Lucky me. Really, lucky me.

My writing plan sees me updating posts for Seriphyn Knight Reborn and writing new posts for Original Music Makes.  I've also started writing the Original Music Makes short side series that is based on Mori Isagi's early days and how he eventuated as Duran's father.  My intention is to complete this series by this Sunday.

I also received the latest update of the paperback version of I'm Kita Duran, which I'm finally pleased with.  The binding was fixed up and the book seemed to be as error free as it could be.  I'll be sending this version out to a book reviewer and hope for the best.

Lots to do before I enter work again.  It'll be a while afterward that I'll be able to write much again.