Sunday, February 5, 2017

Relifting Original Music Makes for 2017

The luxury of being an unknown and unpopular self-published writer of a little to not-known series is the ability to freely revise the stories and characters.

I say being "unpopular", "unknown" and "not-known" in a positive sense.  As I feel I have freedom to express the stories and characters as much as I want until I'm completely content of the outcome.

Having said this, there won't be any changes to what has been published to date. If anything, I'll be adding more unique attributes to them in the next volume "Hotaka Music Club".   And, I'm way behind schedule to completing this volume.  Like any piece of art in the making and where the artist is unhappy with the output to date.  I'll keep revising the story and characters until I feel everything works. This is the pro of being a co-contributor/indie author. The deadlines are my own.

The start of the series change in direction are the book covers.  I've republished versions of I'm Kita Duran and Saving Star with new looks.

I'm aiming for Original Music Makes to be more about slice-of-life situations with exceptional or extraordinary situations.   Of course it will always have Duran as the center but he might not always be the protagonist.  It will have different same-sex relationship challenges. Especially, as the characters mature toward adulthood.  Duran is not the only one in a same-sex relationship in HMC.

Having said this,  I'll continue the pace and flow of the story as written online.  However, it's likely the story will alter dramatically once it's published.