Tuesday, December 1, 2020

2021 - 2024 In Progress Line-Up Plan

I've updated the in-progress planned list below:

First Wave 20-21

  • To Like A-Man
  • Clumsy Mr. President
  • Siren’s Scourge (Pt.1)

These three will likely carry through all of 2021 with TapRead their online platform of choice since it's the only place where the stories are read.

Second Wave 21-22

  • Dragonieth
  • Hotaka Music Club (via Original Music Makes book page)
  • Siren’s Scourge (Pt.2)

Completed in this order for 2022

Third Wave 22-24

  • Everything Comes to Null
  • Death Oath: For My Husband’s Life I Fight
  • Sosei
  • N-Pop

This is my five-year book plan to completing and releasing as many works in progress as possible. Most of my works are planned between 80 - 120K words, which can take me about three months to complete on each, depending on time constraints and focus time.

Either way. For myself, I want to complete these.  I've parked The Magikah and HarmonyX for now since they didn't test well with readers.