Saturday, November 14, 2020

To Like A-Man: Next to Paperback Release

 Now that The Fourth Zaldizko is out of the way, my focus for story completion is To Like A-Man.  A boys love (BL) story set in an ICT corporate environment.  The relationship focus is a love triangle, which threatens to impact an organization's surety.  

I had originally intended for the story to be a light-hearted BL comedy, but when I began adding in the want/need elements for Adam a gritty development began to take shape.

I'll be working on a new TapRead cover to support the dramatic undertone of the story. 

The ebook episodes and all other online versions have been removed.  TapRead will be the exclusive online publishing platform whilst the story is in progress.

New content will follow once I complete copy and proof check edits of the existing content. This is to make life easier for me when I take the story to paperback and also ensure stronger alignment to its three-act outline.