Sunday, July 12, 2020

Original Music Makes Change in Publish Strategy Due to COVID

It hit me. An overseas bookstore I used to trade in had sent me a notice that they were no longer accepting orders outside their country for physical items. Anything that had to be physically shipped out was a no-go.

This made me rethink my paperback strategies for Original Music Makes. 

Initially, I had intended to keep it as a paperback series only. With COVID and the paperback sales for this story being in various countries, this isn't as easily achievable as before.

So I'm going to return the series to TapRead with a new book page packaging. Hopefully, it'll do better this time. Of course, the story is still the same only revised. I'll format the time-skip better, so TapRs are able to follow along without wondering what they missed. 

Why  Because it can be read without an account at this stage and surprisingly securer than similar sites. 

I'll commence planning the book format on, then slowly repost the chapters there.