Thursday, July 2, 2020

Book Progress Focus

Book Completion Focus.  In addition to my schedule strategy for completing my in-flight works, I continue to pile the stories into host sites suitable to the target audience for their respective genres.

The books below will be completed to the following platforms before being pushed out to traditional publishing channels.

 Wattpad    TapRead Inkitt   
 To Like A Man

I've removed Original Music Makes from Honeyfeeds, since it didn't test well and limit the story to one host source whilst it's being revised.  HarmonyX hasn't been removed from TapRead yet. I'll continue to monitor the reception of this story there.   To Like a Man will continue to update dually to TapR's and Inkitt when it does progress again.  Seriphyn Knight ongoing story is dedicated to TapRead.  All chapters have been removed from Webnovel's book version.

I might also attempt a Watty with a couple of the completed ones. Will need to confirm they meet the criteria by the time the awards kick in. Otherwise, they'll be self-published.

Always fine-tuning my strategies towards better consistency, efficiency, and end result.