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Aligning to My New Decade Plan, I will finish what I started by 2025. I created this series back in 2006, lingering in and out of cache servers for many years. No more will it remain a shadow or figment of imagination. I'm making this series a real deal. Here is how.

Is the World Ready for Change?

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To be Diverse and Inclusive

Doing my best to contribute to a forward thinking generation and future.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Evolving Out of Web Fiction

It's been my Achilles heel for some time - web fiction.  I love to write out the weirdness pooling around my brain regardless of audience presence. Although, I don't know of a writer who doesn't write for one. Even if it's an imaginary mob in one's head.

The more I keep to my method of posing and sharing my fiction through blogger and other free-for-all post-share-as-you-go channels, I realise writing this way is a lonely world.  It always makes me feel as if I've been dumped into the middle of a swinging party but as a ghost where all I can do is watch and dream.

I've been writing web fiction through blogger and similar sites since 2006 but have yet to achieve anything of it. My blogger audience has consisted of ad-crawl bots and system referrers from a "good time" site to a "shag a lot" site.

I must admit that I have been inconsistent and absent at times. Real life will do that to your passions.

So the time has come to admit a truth.

I'm ditching the whole web fiction method when it comes to works I've decided to publish.  This means that the stories below will continue to be offline and eventually made available into traditional (self published) titles.

  • Original Music Makes
  • Seriphyn Knight
For stories that I have decided to make web fiction will be posted to Wattpad.   No more blogger.

That's not to say I won't re-purpose the current sites for these stories. I'm sharpening up my digital art skills to turn them into something fabulous. So stay tuned.

It has been a history of fun posting web fiction on blogger. Unfortunately, it's an outdated channel for this sort of writing.
Thanks blogger for being support to my web fiction dreams, and continue to take care of me for everything else.