Thursday, February 27, 2020

Seriphyn Knight Chronicles Series Update

Due to the recent issues where a lot of Webnovel and Royal Road stories have been stolen and published on Amazon.  I made another quick decision to also publish The Fourth Zaldizko in episode e-book versions.

The first three episodes will be available for sale at all good electronic book sellers by the end of this month and first week of March.  I'm selling them for $1 an episode plus tax (prices may vary due to currency conversions).

Each book contains between 16k - 20k worth of content, which has a start and finish. However, they do flow-on to each other since they logically make up one big book. At the start of each book is a recap summary of the previous episode.

This story will continue to be released to as well for free in its entirety. The mini e-books are also another offline option and a way for a reader to show some extra support.