Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Restart Resolutions: Zaldiko Aldeketa

Phew!  I've had one hell of a year, which I'd sum up as a tiredness borderline depression. I'm far from achieving my writing goals.

That's okay.  I'm now able to restart the challenge again.  So I commence with volume one of the Seriphyn Knight Chronicles.

Zaldiko Aldeketa

This volume outlines the demise of four brothers who were kidnapped from an old world temple by a despot organisation known as the Illuminate, and imprisoned within a fortress city called Apocalypse.

The organisation believe Seriphyn and his brothers are the four Zaldiko Aldeketa who have the power to bring the end of the world as described in the Melchizedek Prophesies.

As you can guess, this story is adapted from the biblical recount of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse with Seriphyn personifying Famine.

Unfortunately, this means it will be a while before the next release of the Original Music Makes series as I'm keen to ensure this book is finished and published in the new year.