Friday, February 10, 2017

Pinky Promises

I've commenced work on completing (yes I will this time) the Seriphyn Knight story.  Taking things back to basics and refitting a tighter and simpler plot.

The story began back in 2006 as therapy to cope with daily stresses so there wasn't any real structure involved.

I've added structure but that means a complete makeover of every character and element to refit.  It's going to take time and focus but I'm determine to see this story completed and properly published.

This means, I won't be working toward Original Music Makes anytime soon.

My intention is to

  1. Complete volume one's work on Seriphyn Knight Chronicles by June this year 
  2. Complete volume two for Original Music Makes end of year.

High possibility I won't be able to make this self proclaimed deadline since writing has to take a constant backseat to my real life.

Pinky-promise I'll do my best to achieve these goals.

Long Live Seriphyn Knight!