Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Falling for your #1 Fan? - Only in Yaoi

I absolutely love Yamato Nase's story about an upcoming cos-actor and his 1# Fan.

Image: Mangafox
Blurb from Mangafox:
Youhei immediately fell in love with the actor on the late night advertisement, Satomi. After going through some random events, they became lovers. However, how will these two love birds face the upcoming events which involves costumes, a manager, a stalker and maybe an old crush!? Another enjoyable series by Yamato Nase, full of romance and humour!!!
The story is set in modern day Japan, in the late nineties.  It has been eighteen years since its first circulation but it's still just as fine to read from back in the day.

Youhei is your typical stupid, passionate teenager who falls in-love-at-first-sight with Satomi when he watches his commercial for a sports drink that aired late on the night he had his heart broken by his girl "not" friend.  From that moment, he had decided to dedicate his free moments to be Satomi's fan and support his upward progression in his media career.

Satomi finds Youhei's over zealous fan-support endearing and a huge motivation booster for his work. Come on, what artist wouldn't find the blind devotion of another good for the ego.  As human nature goes, you want to get to know a good thing more. Satomi initiates an unplanned meeting with the two of them, which pulls Youhei into his personal space.  The two develop a "close" friendship.

I love this story because it plays well on an obsessed fan's feelings for their idol.  It's a light-hearted, funny, sometimes awkward but pleasant read with typical taichi-neko playful moments.  The smexy scenes aren't too in-depth and simply drawn.  The chinkos look like the type of sausages sold at a Bunnings's weekend sausage sizzle.  They do contain enough to fire up the imagination and also to keep the story in balance.  We're also talking about a story drawn almost twenty years ago where we didn't have the precision art tools available to artists today.

The characters are also a nice mix; a bit cheesy but not over the top so you feel like vomiting.  I like the support from Youhei's friends who have taken on his obsession with Satomi as just another one of Youhei's quirks. Then there is the dad figure Negishi-san, who Youhei first views as an evil overload. We soon realize that he cares for Satomi like he's his own son. Well actually like a pedigree breeder in my eyes since he's always wearing the managers hat to get as much of a profit out of his "Satomi" product as possible.

Alas, like most of the early yaoi stories, it's likely to go over the head of a lot of people born during or after the nineties.  It's still a progressive story with LGBT themes despite being written almost two decades ago.  The art does make the neko drawn younger than he should be but I guess it was the author's way of displaying the youthful, feminine beauty.

The fan translation is a bit off in places but it's not distracting from the story.  It carries enough so I can understand the characters and what is taking place.

Overall, I read this story when I want to feel some fuzzy tingles.  It's my shoulder to lean on.

Thank you Yamato-san for a cool and awesome story.