Friday, April 1, 2016

Original Music Makes Story Expands

Now that I've knocked out one side story out of the way.  I'll be spending time on a few others that aren't exactly related to the main story but supplements it.

Upcoming short, side, stories planned:

  • Himeko and Mei in middle school, 
  • Kou's relationship with a mysterious girl named Rin,
  • Saski's 2nd year as a middle school student,
  • Duran and Mori's brief stint in France,
  • Fumio's involvement with a shady uncle who saves him,
  • Aki's dream crush that turned sour,
Lots more to come from Dai'chi, Mei, Osamu and Hiro's lives.

Of course, the main story continues on Original-6's and Hotaka Music Club's developing legacy.

My mind is spinning as I start to see my plot maps unfold into something unreal.

Hope there are readers around for it.