Saturday, February 6, 2016

Original Music Make Vol 2 Rewrites

I'm doing some major rewrites and additions on Episode 7, which will tighten the story line.  Also allow the elements I wanted to convey to come through.

As such I've hidden posts for Episode 8 and 9 as they will also need to be rewritten to go with the new flow structure. Beauty of web fiction and the freedom to write and edit easily.

What to expect in the new structure?

  • Hiro's involvement. Who is he and what does his character do for the club?
  • Focus on Hotaka Music Club's development and new pressures they face as they start to gain a following.
  • Relationship tensions.  Especially, between the band. A character can't grow without a few dramas to survive.
  • Better tie-in and reasoning for Yukio's stalking. What further problems will this cause Duran and his club?
A lot more will be written out.  

If by chance people have been following the story. Hardly likely, but you never know. Apologies for the chopping and changing but it's all for a better story that I hope melts faces and blows minds.