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Cathie T

Introduction (drum roll please) CathieT: photographer, T-shirt designer and aspiring writer. If her portfolio was a car boot, there be goodies galore in there to snap up and buy. Take a look at these:

When I asked CathieT what do you hope to achieve with your art? I loved her response. “An audience whose eyes don’t glaze over when I present another piece of art, to perhaps make someone smile, think or just say wow!” It’s honest and isn’t that what we all want as artists? And she may have said “I’ve found a lack of talent to be a major drawback…” but I don’t buy it and see it as a modest comment in jest. She has the “eye” and the skills to match.

Bath Night by CathieT

Cathie is a member of the Adelaide Camera Club and is involved with a lot of online photography groups (although shamefully confesses she has neglected since Red Bubble came into her life). Her love of photography was spawned when she picked up her dad’s camera back in 2003. “I picked it up and was hooked. I think it kind of suits my “instant result” mentality.” She is also a devoted mother, wife and proud owner of a Canon 10D. “Bought from Steve Axford. Unfortunately, it seems to have forgotten everything he ever taught it!!” said Cathie. Well I’m sure it will have it’s flash backs. She has also done a couple of paid jobs, but doing it for the passion is what it’s all about for her.

So, if you haven’t seen CathieT’s portfolio, where have you been? Seriously, I highly recommend a visit.

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Another one for Mystic Moon Press.

Landscape, sunny_teach, Morguefiles photo # 158370
Girl, photoshow, stockxpert photo # 215776 E5

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Great Imagination Captured In 3D - Rose Moxon

Red Bubble has attracted a variety of artists. One exciting group of artists are those who create magical three dimensional (3D) fantasies.

One such artist is Rose Moxon. She calls herself a digital artist. Her works on Red Bubble and her website shows us she is an artist all rounder. Her imagination takes you on a fairieland fantasy, offers you a piece of heart and whisks you away on a fairie dance.

Her works has been recognised globally, in advertisements in China, Europe, UK and Australia. It has been used for the inside cover of The World Leasing Handbook three years running; an impressive achievement.

Now, she will be showcasing her fantasy heroes at the Conflux conference coming to Canberra, Australia. Her creations will be on display between the September 28th – October 1st; viewable to international best selling authors such as Garth Nix. It will be an opportunity not to miss. If you are interested in seeing Rose’s work at Conflux, please contact her for details. If you are unable to make it, more of her works can be found here at Red Bubble or at Daz3D.

Art has always been Rose’s passion. “I love painting and craftwork… have taken every opportunity to unleash my thoughts on paper,” says Rose. It seems there is nothing she can not do artistically. In the last two years, she has taken advantage of the digital platform and used it with leaps and bounds.

I giggled when she said, “I am pretty technologically challenged” after her delayed response towards an email I sent her. 3D art is not an easy skill to master and although you have programs such as Poser that try to make it a user-friendly tool. It is still a trick to learn. Rose, however, has mastered it with flying colours. It proves she is not afraid to test new mediums to ensure her imagination is brought to life.

It’s a pleasure to have her part of the Red Bubble community. Look forward to seeing her next fantasy.

RB News feature by KSeriphyn© 2007

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Death Stalker

Death Stalker is a brilliant short story by writer Tania Miclau. She goes by the pen name Taniuska at Highly recommend visiting her portfolio and checking out her stories that are available.

Images my own

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Troll Bait

"Troll Bait" is a brilliant story! Full of action and excellent characters. I can see this story doing very well when published and can imaine it at the cinemas.Highly recommend to any avid Fantasy reader. The story is unique, the characters are easy to identify with, and the action and description are superb!

Images from SXC site.

The 666 Shooter

Sproke's summary: An ex-priest must save the world from the son of the devil.Yeah, and on the way stir up a lot of action and kick butt! You want horror, action and the chance to save the day, "The 666 Shooter" is for you. Top stuff!

Source images via SXC

The 666 Shooter

Sproke's summary: An ex-priest must save the world from the son of the devil. Yeah, and on the way stir up a lot of action and kick butt! You want horror, action and the chance to save the day, "The 666 Shooter" is for you. Top stuff!

Image of man by Jason Nelson via Morguefile. Abstract background my creation.


Created this book cover for Jennifer Mitchell's story in progress. A gritty and powerful story.

Used stock images from SXC and abstract backgrounds that I've created.

No Matter What

Book cover for Pixiedust Girl's moving story No Matter What Oh my G*. Will this story make you cry, laugh and cringe. A totally gripping, heartfelt and beautiful story.

Source image via SXC


Brazen is a story; beautiful, alluring and dark. Written by an excellent writer that goes under pen name Taniuska at

Images Sources:
Male Shadow by Umbra and SXC Photo #409771
Woman was at SXC, no longer there.
Background my own

Behind the Masks

A story of two people from different sides pushed together by fate. Choices must be made.

Behind the Masks is alluring and an excellent read. Check it out.

Photo of the girl taken by Jake Levin and made available for use via SXC. Also, abstract background original via SXC.