Thursday, February 15, 2018

Happy Birthday Duran Kita

Today is the birthday I granted my fictional friend :).  I can't believe it has been almost two years since I released Duran's story in I'm Kita Duran.  Looking back, I'm quite proud of myself for actually finishing something.

Writing a story is never any easy journey for me. As I'm constantly riddled with distractions, interference, troubles and all sorts of burdens that real life can bring.   I'm not so fortunate that I can make creative writing my living. However, I have been given opportunities to be a writer in some other shape and form with business process writing.

Anyway, I really like writing Original Music Makes and I can't wait to dedicate some time to finish off volume two.

Volume two ended up a far more dramatic and serious story compared to the first. Since the music club has to prove their worth in order to continue its exist. The club members find themselves going to Tokyo during their summer break to compete in an esteem music competition.  Here, they have to face some of their demons as they compete against each other.

More of Duran's past is revisited. Along with a side story of Saski and Kobori's relationship before Kobori's untimely passing.

I've only managed to complete the outline draft. Since I've had to spend time to complete volume one of Seriphyn Knight, it'll be a while before this volume is released. Writing is an extremely slow task for me. 

So I guess I better get back to it.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Evolving Out of Web Fiction

It's been my Achilles heel for some time - web fiction.  I love to write out the weirdness pooling around my brain regardless of audience presence. Although, I don't know of a writer who doesn't write for one. Even if it's an imaginary mob in one's head.

The more I keep to my method of posing and sharing my fiction through blogger and other free-for-all post-share-as-you-go channels, I realise writing this way is a lonely world.  It always makes me feel as if I've been dumped into the middle of a swinging party but as a ghost where all I can do is watch and dream.

I've been writing web fiction through blogger and similar sites since 2006 but have yet to achieve anything of it. My blogger audience has consisted of ad-crawl bots and system referrers from a "good time" site to a "shag a lot" site.

I must admit that I have been inconsistent and absent at times. Real life will do that to your passions.

So the time has come to admit a truth.

I'm ditching the whole web fiction method when it comes to works I've decided to publish.  This means that the stories below will continue to be offline and eventually made available into traditional (self published) titles.

  • Original Music Makes
  • Seriphyn Knight
For stories that I have decided to make web fiction will be posted to Wattpad.   No more blogger.

That's not to say I won't re-purpose the current sites for these stories. I'm sharpening up my digital art skills to turn them into something fabulous. So stay tuned.

It has been a history of fun posting web fiction on blogger. Unfortunately, it's an outdated channel for this sort of writing.
Thanks blogger for being support to my web fiction dreams, and continue to take care of me for everything else.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Restart Resolutions: Zaldiko Aldeketa

Phew!  I've had one hell of a year, which I'd sum up as a tiredness borderline depression. I'm far from achieving my writing goals.

That's okay.  I'm now able to restart the challenge again.  So I commence with volume one of the Seriphyn Knight Chronicles.

Zaldiko Aldeketa

This volume outlines the demise of four brothers who were kidnapped from an old world temple by a despot organisation known as the Illuminate, and imprisoned within a fortress city called Apocalypse.

The organisation believe Seriphyn and his brothers are the four Zaldiko Aldeketa who have the power to bring the end of the world as described in the Melchizedek Prophesies.

As you can guess, this story is adapted from the biblical recount of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse with Seriphyn personifying Famine.

Unfortunately, this means it will be a while before the next release of the Original Music Makes series as I'm keen to ensure this book is finished and published in the new year.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Web Fiction Planned Outage | 6 Month Freeze

The and web fiction sites and stories will be offline as of today.

A planned outage for these sites will take place from today, and last until the 15/02/2018.

The stories are undergoing editing for publication release later this year or early next year.  I made a decision to take the stories offline whilst editing and reconstruction were occurring for these.

I intend to resume the web fiction sites once the stories have found their way onto retail shelves in some shape and form.

Until such time, these sites will be taking some beauty sleep.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

It's a Long Way to the TOP if Yah Wanna Rock n Roll

Hanson pretty much summed up my efforts for my Original Music Makes story at their concert last night.   I felt re-motivated to continue with work with OMM and finish Duran's story.

I also got what I needed to write in Original-6's concert scene. The face-melting, electrifying feeling you experience when seated in the audience, watching an awesome show.

If the concert's sound ain't vibrating your backside with the sensation of an enema then it ain't rocking :)

I didn't know much about Hanson but I'm a big fan now.  Thank you boys for re-igniting my own musical journey through words and entertaining us with your songs.


Friday, February 10, 2017

Pinky Promises

I've commenced work on completing (yes I will this time) the Seriphyn Knight story.  Taking things back to basics and refitting a tighter and simpler plot.

The story began back in 2006 as therapy to cope with daily stresses so there wasn't any real structure involved.

I've added structure but that means a complete makeover of every character and element to refit.  It's going to take time and focus but I'm determine to see this story completed and properly published.

This means, I won't be working toward Original Music Makes anytime soon.

My intention is to

  1. Complete volume one's work on Seriphyn Knight Chronicles by June this year 
  2. Complete volume two for Original Music Makes end of year.

High possibility I won't be able to make this self proclaimed deadline since writing has to take a constant backseat to my real life.

Pinky-promise I'll do my best to achieve these goals.

Long Live Seriphyn Knight!