Sunday, January 6, 2019

2019 Blast Off From Being AWOL

☆* It's 2019 For Story Action! *☆

Where have I been for 2018?  Well, I've been:
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This year, I'm back to Blogger, providing progress updates to my proper book release for the Seriphyn Knight Chronicles. After 13 Years!  Seriphyn Knight is finally going paperback.

It's all thanks to the support I've received from wonderful Wattpad readers and fellow writers.  Now with picking up the interest, I feel 2019 is the right time for this story series.

Zaldizko will be ready for paperback on the 15th February 2019.  Along with a for sale ebook release. It will continue to be read for free at and Wattpad.

Read the story here via Wattpad's embed widget!

I'm back and feeling great about this story this time around.



Saturday, October 27, 2018

Original Music Makes: Revolutionary

The push for Zaldizko has taken priority over the next volume in this series. Unfortunately, it will be a long time before I can work on and publish volume two.

In the mean time, I plan to release one-shot stories for events after volume one.  These can be read for free at Wattpad.

The central theme of the one-shots as per below:
Duran Kita is performing for the life of the Hotaka Music Club,  before a two thousand seated audience.   

He must win an overall place within the top ten of a prestigious Tokyo music competition or face dissolution of his infamous high school club. 

He's about to battle it out for the third round of the competition. 

Links to the collection:

Thank you advance for reading and continuing to support this story.



Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Hitting Strides With Zaldizko

I'm almost at the halfway mark with my story and likely to hit my end of year target and intended go to market of February 2019 for paperback and specially formatted ebook versions.

It has taken a short 12 years to reach this point and I'm, so far, happy with the results.

The story is available for reading at Wattpad now.

Note: the cover at Wattpad will be the cover for the paperback and special ebook versions as well.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Zaldizko Progress

I'm impressed with myself.  Why? Because I'm finally making progress with my new Seriphyn Knight draft.  If I continue at the pace I'm at, I'll expect to have the first volume of the series released around July.

I've simplified the name to Zaldizko and have described in detail the terminology of things that would be important for the revised version of In Anwar's Care.

About Zaldiko

The story is told through a first person perspective as per In Anwar's Care. The protagonist is Famine who loves his three brothers the most.

Famine's brothers are Death and War and his youngest is called Pesti, which is short for Pestilence.  It seems that their names were taken from an ancient transcript of a religious book called The Sacred Word. However, Famine never questions why he was given such a named nor does he care about any greater purpose.

The only things that matter to him are his brothers, family and his temple home.

One day, his home is invaded and annihilated.  He and his brothers are abducted by frightful creatures in grey suits and taken to a city called Apocalypse.  There, Famine finds himself in the care of a military group called the Wisteria Gardens Squad (WGS), which is lead by a cocky bastard called Trix.

He was separated from his brothers upon arrival to the city and is frantic to find out where they are.
Feeling the loss of his home and determined to reunite with his brothers. He eventually gains the support of the WGS to help with his search.  He finds his brother War first and is relieved to see the guy is still the same.  Will it be the same case for his other two brothers?

War tells Famine that he saw a change in the other two but he refuses to tell him what the change is or where they are.  Famine can sense War's fear. What has happened to his two other brothers?  Why are they in apocalypse to begin with?  Why was his home destroyed?

Talks about a process called Breaking the Hana stirs some weird behavior in the people around Famine and War.

Well that pretty much is the gist of the story so far.  I'm hoping that it'll place a lot of perspective to book two once I've finished the revisions.   For now, focus is getting book one on the shelves and then finishing of volume two of Original Music Makes.

Better get back to it :)