Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Zaldizko Reviews ☆ Happy Cat

Here are some of the verbatim Zaldizko has received. Dare original and see what the talk is all about.

Some glowing reviews from awesome readers and writers at  I'm hoping that the rating will eventually show on the sites rating list. It only needs two more to flick the sites switch.

It also received a surprise 5 Star rating at Royal Road that is boosting Google's book impression.
I swear it wasn't by me. 

At Wattpad, some verbatim left as comments to posts. Below is what some have said about the Prologue.

I'm a very happy cat with all the story love I'm receiving for this one.  Zaldizko holds a special place in my heart since it has taken me so long to write and finish the story.

The story can be read for free or cheap via the following links:

Read original.  Dare original today!

Thursday, February 28, 2019

And Then It Was Back to Reality

I've decided to discontinue updating to Webnovel and continue using Wattpad as my sole platform for upcoming works. I've left whatever I've posted there (although I had to delete posts from one of the books because I messed it up) with a disclaimer.

I'm currently testing Royal Road again with Zaldizko, although I also feel my stories wouldn't do well there too since I've noticed a lot of stories posted there are LitRPG, fantasy and romance. Very similar to Webnovel.  I'm not sure how receptive they would be to boys' love action fantasy.

So, I'll stick with Wattpad since it really does have the diverse range of readers that sort of fit my story style. It also holds the largest amount LGBT story sharing content online too.

Yet I'm not that popular there either.  I'm really your left field niche author who gets small luck from time to time.

It would be go if one day I write something ground breaking.  Right now, my words are too weird for most tastes.

I'll keep trying.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

I Finally Hit the Popular List

All the way to the bottom of the page. 🤣

I'm happy with the rate that Zaldizko is going at Web Novel.  It has been featured twice and gained 66.2K views/reads since it was first posted just after Christmas last year.

 Zaldizko Web Novel

I've also received some glowing reviews and 5✰ ratings from some awesome readers.

It's a thrill to see that the story is being received well by a handful of readers.  I hope this interest converts to book sales, although I harbour doubts considering most people read for free these days.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Zaldizko Book Trailer

Been a long time since I created a book trailer. I think this one will do the trick for now. I know can go fancier, but for limited time and technology I'm happy with this creation.

Also, Zaldizko got featured at today.  Feeling the warm and fuzzies from the support.

It was a nice change to see.